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Innovation is about solving problems in new ways to gain advantage.
Innovative thinking can turn an opportunity into a compelling business case with huge commercial value.
Innovative thinking is versatile, impacting all aspects of product conception, development and commercialisation.

Key to innovation is building a vision of the new product; how it should work, feel, cost and perform before tackling the concerns of detailed implementation.

Risk is inherent in innovation, confidence is crucial in order to carry you through the process where time is ticking, budget is being used you need to now that your team are the best and that you will find a solution.

Some of the problems we have solved:

Erect a fisherman's tent in less than a minute. Cooking the perfect steak. Rethinking passenger space on a jumbo jet.
Lifting a patient safely from the floor. Putting highlights into hair. A cap to add multiple flavours to bottled drinks.
Automatic safety cable reel for mowers. Bath-lift; improving function, costs, safety, weight and hygiene.

We are great at solving problems and the key to our success is to ensure we are addressing problems worth solving, and that is where
fit comes in.
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