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A prototype is an early sample or model built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.

Our workshop and prototyping facility enables us to explore, test and fine-tune concepts at increasing levels of resolution.

Visual models
We can produce accurate, high quality, visual models for use in hall testing or focus groups, often using a combination of CNC machining, rapid prototyping techniques and hand skills. The feedback gained from such events forms a crucial part of our design approach.

Ergonomic rigs
We build and test a wide variety of ergonomic models and rigs at all stages of the design and development process.
At one extreme these rigs can be small, handheld block models used to evaluate product form and the operation of user controls and displays. Alternatively, they may be representative of larger industrial equipment and used to check man machine interfaces, user comfort, and service staff access.
Technical test rigs and prototypes
Even the best computer simulations can only provide virtual predictions of actual product behaviour. From early mechanism concepts to full validation of a design, the best way of really knowing how something works is by practical testing of representative technical rigs and prototypes.
This is the rationale behind our extensive in-house development workshop and testing facilities. These include 3 axis CNC machines, vacuum casting, CMM and visual inspection equipment, and chambers for functional testing at elevated and reduced temperatures and humidities.

Rapid prototyping
We offer a range of rapid prototyping (RP) processes in-house, including high speed CNC machining, and vacuum resin casting
Where alternative processes or materials are needed, we have developed strong links with a list of approved bureaux that we know can meet our exacting standards for quality and speed. We use a bureaux for (FDM) (SLS) (SLA)
Through these approved bureaux we are able to take advantage of a full range of RP technologies for the creation of master components. Where injection moulding is the target production process.
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