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Lindam Travel Barrier

Innovative folding baby travel barrier takes huge market share

Lindam have been a client for years, we have developed their entire baby gate range as a result they dominate the market.

This brief was simple, Lindam needed a product that was better than their competitor without infringing a number of patents.The gate and barrier market is very cost sensitive, so we had to be careful not to overcomplicate the design.

A travel barrier needs to fold as small as possible yet still be easy to erect and extend to fit into doorways. Ergonomics are alway important, being able to release the barrier one handed with minimum effort and to refit the same way.

This is a safety product used to protect small children from hazardous areas in the home, as a result products in this market have strict European standards that need to be conformed to adding a further layer of complexity.

The mechanical arrangement the competitor used were the obvious solution, folding the upright plastic legs in the middle. This worked very well and effectively shut the door on others trying to compete in this space.

The ability to extend the barrier using telescoping tubes to form the horizontal elements gave us a starting point. To lock the tubes in place we used a standard sprung ratcheting lever, then we noticed that the lever could be released if the end of the lever had an angled point, so that when tube with the hole in it twisted, the lever would rise releasing the tube.

Following a creative team session we came up with a novel method of twisting the frame so the plastic upright momentarily distorts at the same time the new lever design dislocates in order to collapse for storage.

These two innovations, negated the competitors patents, created an elegant solution opening up a huge market for the client.

Because of our experience in detailing plastic and metal part the barrier design passed through our development process without a hitch.

Creative Patent Busting
Animated cad model
Working rig
Solidworks CAD
SLS prototype
Fine tuning of CAD
Soft parts made in our workshop
Patent description
Liaison with toolmaker and moulding advice from our team

Lindam Flexi-gate.

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Innovation in product conception,
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New Twist release catch.

Novel articulation.

New Patented Mechanism.

Mechanical Prototype.