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Lindam NUMI Aluminium Gate.

Lindam Numi Extending gate:
The baby gate market has been dominated by functional relatively low cost products. Yet these gates are bought by affluent design aware people, who care about their interior design.
The concept behind the Numi brief was to lift the bar re quality and make the best extending gate system regardless of cost.
Traditionally gates are made in wood or steel, some combine the materials, with the increased budget extruded aluminium became an option that looked good and offered a number of functional advantages. The hollow sections allowed us to build in slides, thread details for adjustment, hide levers and springs. Extrusions are good but when combined with engineering plastic parts you achieve silky smooth slide and precision, exactly what we wanted.
When the gate is fitted to the opening the new patented index sizing system (ISS) mechanism allows the two part gate to slide out to the correct size clicking at each potential lock out point. When the two parts are at the correct width locks are pushed into place, no tools needed
Closing the gate is as important as opening, knowing that the gate has locked reassures the parent. The Numi closes with minimum effort. Pivoting slam-shut bolts have a satisfying sound upon closure, once again reinforcing the feeling of quality.
The standard requires that the Opening action needs to have two distinct movements, from a user point of view they need to be intuitive, and easy yet the child should not be able to open the gate. We have hidden the mechanism for release in the corner joints. We strive to achieve an elegant visual, engineering and user friendly product.
The result:
Sales performance of the Numi gate has exceeded expectations, creating a new high price point niche for Lindam-Munchkin.
The Numi gate has won a number of prizes for the innovative design.
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