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Tracerco Personal Electronic Dosimeter T404 Radiation Monitor.

Intrinsically safe.

Personal Electronic Dosimeter

Tracerco have been our client for several years. The first project T202 hand held radiation monitor won a queens award for industry and sold ten times more than expected.

We were brought in at a very early stage on this project (pre design).

What we did
Understand non experts users
Demystify the Science
Configure the offer
Develop the interface (created the iconic
Create a power, feature, cost, debate
Developed Styling
Engineer a rugged product
Communicated Technical information
and rating graphics
Ergonomics= Belt. pocket, clip,
One button

Used with
Worn on body (chest or hip).
Inside fireman's jacket.
Inside breast pocket of overalls.

Who its for
Oil and gas workers offshore.
Emergency services.
Firemen with breathing mask, ambulance
crew, army, police.
Radiation workers,
Medical radiology personnel.

What it does
Monitors radiation dose over time.
Allows user to see how long they can stay in a high dose area (time on task).
Managers can program the unit for
particular users and uses, this stops confusion and fear in users with no or low understanding of risk.

Water proofing - IP69.
Speaker waterproofing.
Shock proof, Drop proof.
Optical prisms on led's for 90 degree view
Options for attachment - belt clip not to
damage main case if abused.
Potting electronics.
Certification and retesting labels.
Identification of unit by user.
Redefine the traditional radiation monitor.
Audio alarm, flashing led, vibration.
Future proofing.
Charging and waterproofing.
Rubber and Plastic specification -
Intrinsically Safe doping in plastics
needed to be highly antistatic.
Extreme technical and envelope

Keeping the vision.
© The Product Group 2012.
The reason for getting into this market was to satisfy the need for an Intrinsically Safe product. This is important for hazardous areas specifically in oil and gas drilling or mining operations where any spark could be catastrophic. However the user interface and rugged construction has made it very popular in other markets that do not need the IS certification. Users and specifiers are happy to pay a premium because of the simple operation and unambiguous communication of potential hazards, proving to the client that good Design sells.

The TRACERCO™ PED is attractive to workers who are not specially trained to measure radiation exposure, and it's safe to use to measure nuclear radiation exposure in potentially explosive environments, (Intrinsically Safe).
Everything on the dosimeter has been designed with the user in mind; the display features radiation graph measurements and a simple diagram of a man who fills with colour depending on the dose of radiation received.