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Tracerco T201 Radiation Monitor.

Intrinsically safe.

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Radioactive materials are employed routinely in industry to facilitate a wide range of measurements including Process Level Control, Fluid Separation and Non-Destructive Testing.
In order to protect the workforce from exposure and to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, radiation dose rates must be carefully monitored and controlled.

The TRACERCO Radiation Monitor has been specifically designed to combine intrinsic safety with rugged but lightweight construction and provides additional key operational features such as personal dose integration and peak dose rate memory.

One of the reasons for Tracerco getting into this market was to satisfy the need for an Intrinsically Safe product. This is important for hazardous areas specifically in oil and gas drilling or mining operations where any spark could be catastrophic.

The optional plastic chassis neatly holds the curly multicore connection to the extendable geiger-muller sensor.

The explicit user interface and rugged construction has made it very popular in other markets that do not need the IS certification.

Users and specifiers are happy to pay a premium because of the simple operation and unambiguous communication of potential hazards, proving to the client that Good Design Sells.

Ergonomic configuration, visual identity, electro-mechanical layout, prototyping, manufacture and assembly all developed by
The Product Group.

Waterproof to IP65.

Designed for easy mass manufacture and assembly.

One design is the basis for an entire range of radiation contamination monitors.