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What we do.

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Innovate, Invent, style, engineer, research, manage risk and build brands.
Develop products to fortify and enhance your business.

Creating better sales ammunition to dominate existing markets or generate new ones.
Maximising value and revenue.

From intricate medical instruments to everyday consumer products and industrial equipment, our strength is in understanding problems, seeing opportunities and generating winning solutions.

Developing products that are: Effective, Desirable, User friendly, Unique, Protectable, Successful.


Research, design, engineering and business skills are integrated in a team able to dig deeper and ask the wider questions to help you make the best decisions.

We search out new business opportunities using our fit model:
find opportunities, innovate solutions, test markets.

We use our listening and analysis skills to identify unmet needs; problems that are worth solving.
Concepts are visualised in a rapid feasibility study to enable confident selection, buy-in and informed decisions.

We are skilled in all aspects of new product development.
Our role is to Inspire and stimulate, give direction and focus to the team with creativity and drive.

Reducing risk to secure your future.