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Product Group : Product Innovation and Design Consultants.

The skilful, intelligent arrangement of elements for optimum function. Implemented with elegant engineering and an eye for well-proportioned, beautiful forms.
Things that people enjoy acquiring, owning and using.
Our talented designers excel at creating inspiring products that are a 'good fit' to clients and their customers.
We are driven by the challenge to improve, through intelligent design, the quality, performance, value and appeal of the things we live with and use every day.
Innovators, designers and engineers working in consumer, medical and industrial markets.
The T201 Radiation Monitor for Tracerco has been recognised in the queens awards to industry.
The completely redesigned product achieved an astonishing ten-fold increase in the projected sales figures.
Tracerco is part of the Johnson Matthey Group…. Read More.
Queens award for innovation.
british engineering excellence award
The Spyder Bivvy, conceived and developed by The Product Group for Greys, won through to the finals of the British Engineering Excellence Awards.…. Read More.
Excellence Awards.
Consumer Awards.
Lindam baby gates recognised by leading parenting magazines and their readers.
Since 1990 The Product Group have developed market leading products for this forward looking company.
Now owned by Munchkin Inc. the entire range of Lindam products are taking the American market by storm…. Read More.
The Product Group difference is about how we work and how we see things. Our value lies in our ability to find opportunities for you to gain real competitive advantage. Research, design and engineering are integrated into a single work-stream allowing innovative ideas to emerge, develop and prove, quickly and painlessly.

Talented, experienced designers and engineers orchestrate and inform the entire process from conception to production.
All our knowledge and experience is flexed first at the genesis of a project, giving otherwise free-flying concepts solid roots in engineering, styling, manufacturing, assembly, branding and marketing. We want to show you great ideas which are achievable.

This is an efficient, cost effective, dynamic process, successfully enacted hundreds of times in the last 25 years, resulting in fresher, better and faster products to help secure your future.